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Why Score Guarantee Works

At Y2 Academy Parsippany, we believe there is an achiever within each student irrespective of their GPA. While college preparation can seem intimidating, there is a clear path to your dream school, and it starts at Y2 Parsippany. Y2 offers #1 Score Guarantee in USA.

Years of research & results have proven these simple steps are the key to a guaranteed high score:

Pre-class diagnostic testing provides personalized study materials

Y2's unique diagnostic testing helps students prepare even before classes begin.

Practice, Practice and Practice

18 practice tests and homework: drills are proven to be the most essential factor in raising test score.

Detecting weak areas

Y2’s advanced analytics highlight the student’s areas of difficulty so they can focus on improvement.

Highly qualified Teachers

Our instructors have master degrees or PhD, with at least 15 years teaching experience.

Provide customized lessons based on analytics

At Y2, student’s work is individualized, so there’s no time-wasting assignments they don’t need.

Parent portal allows tracking of real time progress

Parents and students can track real time progress and analytics based on past tests and homework history.



Provides both virtual and class room classes for SAT® and ACT®. Now registering for Summer and Spring Classes

Foundation Course

For Grade 6-9, Y2 classes are designed to develop strong reading and writing skills, and give students the confidence and skill mastery for sailing through their next grade.

Math | Physics | Chemistry | Biology

Need extra help with AP® classes? Is your school not offering AP® at the grade you need? Y2 provides twice-weekly on-site classes starting in August until your AP® exam. you'll be confident and ready to achieve your highest possible score!


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Y2 Academy, Parsippany focuses on individual student strengths and weaknesses to drive results.